Blue Route


Try to spend about 6/7 mins at each stop

Google maps version of the walking route:

Google maps version of the driving route:

Point 1

  1. Listen to one of the tracks
  1. How would you develop/expand this spot to help more people appreciate the river? Write, sketch, draw a response.

Point 2

  1. Listen to one of the tracks
  2. This area flooded along with many parts of Cork in 2009. The Glucksman Gallery was damaged. How much of our flooding is caused by bad planning and developments?


Point 3

  1. Listen to one of the tracks
  2. Observe the river, & take notes, drawings etc:
  • What is its character?
  • How is it different from the first sections of river you observed?
  • Which is more friendly to wildlife?

Route to Grand Parade

Journey Return

Google maps version :