This is a website primarily about my research. It will offer accounts of my work, the ideas and places concerned and will comment on related matters. It is also features my wider musing and observations on a variety of topics. Posts under the category of Research are directly related to my PhD work, while those under Comment are thoughts on particular ideas or themes, which generally have a geographic slant; and, the posts that fall under the category of Other is anything else.

Liminal (adj.) refers to being in a transitional state or at a threshold/boundary.

Entwining (v, with object) refers to interweaving, interlacing or twisting together of one or more things.

Liminal Entwinings, then, refers to essence of my research as a geographer. It intends to evoke the fundamental relationship between people and place that I seek to explore;  while also, indicating that the inter-relationship between these entities changes their nature in a process that defines them in a meaningful way. There is a further questioning about the existance of people and place outside of this process.

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Presenting at UCC's Doctoral Showcase 2013 (Photo: UCC photographer Tomas Tyner)

Presenting at UCC’s Doctoral Showcase 2013 (Photo: UCC photographer Tomas Tyner)

Dr Richard Scriven lectures in the School of Geography and Archaeology, NUI Galway and in the Department of Geography, UCC. His research considers contemporary pilgrimages as multifaceted socio-cultural practices which present people with opportunities to go on personal journeys of emotion and spirituality in the natural and cultural landscape. His research has been funded by the Irish Research Council, the Royal Irish Academy, the Geographical Society of Ireland, and the Department of Geography, UCC.