Cork is the Lee: an audio exploration of the River Lee

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This auditory project explores the cultural and natural heritage role of the river Lee in the life of Cork city through a podcast series and a workshop during Heritage Week 2019. Using the unique capacity of sound to convey meaning and evoke emotions, this project will interview people who use and appreciate the Lee (eg. rowers, fishers, naturalists), utilise historical sources, and take field-recordings along its length, which will be combined to create a rich and unique insight into river as geographical and cultural force. The project has received funding under Cork City Council’s Local Community Heritage Grant 2019 and is supported by the Department of Geography, UCC.

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Cork is the Lee series benefits from the popularity and accessibility of the medium and its capacity to reach larger audiences. It will be disseminated through my podcast, Littoral Space.

Heritage Week workshop, Tuesday 20th Aug, Geography Department, UCC

Participants will listen to a series of recordings that display distinct aspects of the river by combining the soundscape with people’s stories. This audio journey will take place in a slightly darkened space enabling attuning to rhythms and flows of the Lee.

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