Lady’s Well, Cork: Renovations

I had previously commented on the deteriorating state of Lady’s Well in Cork city. Thanks to works by Cork City Council* the site has been cleaned up and new structures have been put in place around the well. The necessity for grids over the well may be seen as unfortunate, but will not impinge on the well excessively as does not seem to be used for religious-spiritual reasons. These additions will ensure the preservation of the site and perhaps a revival of devotional activity in the future?

DSC_0847 DSC_0854


*I had raised the matter with one of my local representatives, Kiernan McCarthy (, who has done significant work in promoting Cork’s heritage.

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  1. Were the steps from Leitrim St opposite the brewery an alternative access, do you know?

    These are now very much overgrown but I presumed from the plaque, and regular overflowing of water, that they did access the well but there does not appear to be access from the well site to these steps.