Littoral Space is a podcast that explores social, cultural, and environmental topics using a geographical lens. Each episode is a conversations with a person who has experiences and expertise in an area of interest that provides a distinct insight into the world around us. I use Littoral – an adjective, relating to or situated on the shore of the sea or a lake – as a metaphor from a zone of convergence and change, a liminal space in which fluid understandings emerge and positive impact is encouraged.

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Series 3: Conscious Lee

SeasoLogo Squaren three of Littoral Space Conscious Lee is a distributary (a river that branches off from and flows away from the main course, the opposite of a tributary) which aims to help people value and protect their rivers. It explores the River Lee and other rivers as habitats, natural spaces in cities, and sources of clean water. 

3.1 Otters & River Habitats

3.2 Bluespace

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Series 2: Cork is the Lee

Season two of Littoral Space focuses on the role of the River Lee in the life of Cork, find out more here: Cork is the Lee

2.1 Reflections on sound and the river

2.2 Source to City

2.3 Crossings: Bridges an Tunnel

2.4 Cultural Connections

2.5 Nature and Wildlife

2.6 Being On and With

2.7 Oxbow Lakes and Conclusions

Cork is the Lee Report

Series 1

1.1: Discussing Direct Provision with Rosie Howlett Southgate

1.2: Exploring Yoga with Emer Harrington

1.3: TV Series and geographical tropes with Joe (of the Shitegeist Podcast)

1.4: Talking disability and political representation with Evie Nevin

1.5: Learning about Antarctica and Climate Change with Dr Gordon Bromley

1.6: Poetry and Pilgrimage with Dr Kathy Darcy

1.7: Migrants and Voting with Dr Lekha Menon Margassery

1.8: Supporting the arts and rural communities with Síle Ní Dhubhghaill

1.9: Musical geographies with Dee Gannon

1.10: Rural Repealing with Doris Murphy

1.11: Farming, Sustainable Agriculture, and West Cork with Holly McKeever Cairns

1.12: Ladybirds with Gill Weyman

1.13: Equality in Education with Ruth Harrington

1.14: Food poverty and Community Gardens with Tara Kenny


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