Littoral Space is a podcast that explores social, cultural, and environmental topics using a geographical lens. Each episode is a conversations with a person who has experiences and expertise in an area of interest that provides a distinct insight into the world around us. I use Littoral – an adjective, relating to or situated on the shore of the sea or a lake – as a metaphor from a zone of convergence and change, a liminal space in which fluid understandings emerge and positive impact is encouraged.

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Series 2: Cork is the Lee

Season two of Littoral Space focuses on the role of the River Lee in the life of Cork, find out more here: Cork is the Lee

2.1 Reflections on sound and the river

2.2 Source to City

2.3 Crossings: Bridges an Tunnel

2.4 Cultural Connections

2.5 Nature and Wildlife

2.6 Being On and With

2.7 Oxbow Lakes and Conclusions

Cork is the Lee Report

Series 1

1.1: Discussing Direct Provision with Rosie Howlett Southgate

1.2: Exploring Yoga with Emer Harrington

1.3: TV Series and geographical tropes with Joe (of the Shitegeist Podcast)

1.4: Talking disability and political representation with Evie Nevin

1.5: Learning about Antarctica and Climate Change with Dr Gordon Bromley

1.6: Poetry and Pilgrimage with Dr Kathy Darcy

1.7: Migrants and Voting with Dr Lekha Menon Margassery

1.8: Supporting the arts and rural communities with Síle Ní Dhubhghaill

1.9: Musical geographies with Dee Gannon

1.10: Rural Repealing with Doris Murphy

1.11: Farming, Sustainable Agriculture, and West Cork with Holly McKeever Cairns

1.12: Ladybirds with Gill Weyman

1.13: Equality in Education with Ruth Harrington

1.14: Food poverty and Community Gardens with Tara Kenny


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